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Lisätietoja tapahtumasta saat Suomen Taidoliitosta. Vastaamme kysymyksiin mielellämme. Ota yhteyttä stl@taido.fi. myös liiton internetsivut palvelevat Sinua osoitteessa www.taido.fi.


Yhteystiedot/ Contact

Suomen Taidoliitto ry
Finnish Taido Association
Radiokatu 20,
00240 Helsinki, FINLAND
stl@taido.fi, www.taido.fi
+358 50 542 3431

World Taido Championships

          Click here to view the events for the WTC.

Other information for the World Taido Championships

  • The rule is that one dantai jissen team should consist of 5 competitors and team leader.at entry time. However, if after entry has been done and a player is not able to participate due to injury or similar and no substitution is available, the match for the absent player will be counted as a "default loss" and the team can participate in the event with four (4) competitors.  3 competitors is smallest team that can participate.

Qualification – WTC2013

  • The general rule is that only black belts are allowed. However National Taido Organization can apply exception to belt rank or age with Letter of Recommendations, which should be send via email to FTA office stl@taido.fi preferably before entry time ends. All application will be documented and gone through with WTF.   
  • Competitors have to be born 1995 or earlier in jissen events and 1997 or earlier in hokei and tenkai events. If Competitor has recommendation from NTO, competitor who has birth year 1997 or 1996 can participate to jissen or dantai jissen.
  • Competitors have to be members of a National Taido Organization (NTO) belonging to the World Taido Federation. The general rule is that person has a citizenship of the nation s/he represents.  In case person does not have citizenship of that country, that National Taido Organization can submit their consent for that person to be their national team member. In case of conflict between 2 or more NTOs, WTF will be negotiator between NTOs.

Jissen regulation – WTC2013

  • Players are allowed to wear specified chest protections and the specified face protection. With own responsibility competitor can choose not to were protection. WTF upkeeps list of acceptable chest and face protection.

Participation – WTC2013

  • There is no limitation of the number of events one competitor can participate in.
  • In case only a few or too many applied competitors in specific events, the competition committee reserves the right to make alternations in the event-compositions. Any changes will be informed to the national taido organizations the effected competitors belong to.

Competitor substitution – WTC2013

  • Only for team events might a competitor be replaced, if the below conditions are fulfilled.
  • Only if a competitor has to cancel participation due to illness or injury or similar reasons, the substitute that has been registered might replace the competitor as from the next match. (One substitute per team can be registered. No competition fee is necessary.)
  • Before any replacement the replacement has to be reported to and approved by the competition head office.
  • If a competitor has been replaced, even if the competitor recovers from his/her illness or injury, s/he will not be able to take part in the same event again.
  • If a competitor is stopped from participating by a physician s/he will not be allowed to participate in any event what so ever. Click here to view the events.

Judges/Referees – IFG2013 and WTC2013

  • General rule is that person must have experience in judging and should have at least 4 dan. If person has 4th dan shinsa in WTC Event s/he can enroll as a judge. For IFG person who has belt rank lower than 4 dan, but recommendation from NTO and experience in judging can apply right to be judge.  Enrollment as judge is binding. All judges who enroll to WTC must enroll also IFG as judge. Competitors of WTC can enroll to be judge just in IFG. Competitor in IFG can’t enroll as a judge in WTC.  Enrollment to judge will be done when enrolling to WTC event via web enrollment page by National contact person, enrollment to judge has to be made before entry closing time 15th of April. Enrollments cannot be done after that.  FTA with WTF will review all judges enrollments and will confirm if person is qualified. When choosing judges to both events, experience and amount of judges per country will be reviewed.

Insurance policy in IFG and WTC

  • All participants are obliged to take out private insurance which is valid abroad and covers accidents in Taido competitions. Participants accept that the participation in the event is at their own responsibility and their own risk in every aspect.
  • FTA will see to it that an English-speaking doctor or First Aid group is available for the participants during the IFG and WTC. If any treatment that is not or cannot be carried out by this doctor becomes necessary, it will be a matter between you, the local therapists and your insurance company.
  • European taidokas: European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is valid in Finland. Get yourself a free card before your trip to WTC2013-event.That card gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in Finland.